GEMS FreeSmarts Webinars Now Available On-Demand

You can now watch recordings of our FreeSmarts webinars on-demand on the CGS Support Site, under "Videos".

Let us help you get the most out of GEMS. Learn more about the key solution capabilities available to you today. Webinar topics include:

  • FATCA for Legal Entities
  • EDO Event Driven Output/Forms
  • Document Assemblies
  • Homepage & Snapshot Optimization
  • Legal Entity Rationalization
  • Auditing Data: Verifications & Approvals
  • Contract Management
  • Branches



Click here for more information about the webinars.

Client Services - Customer Support

Just receiving training in a software product is often not enough to make a user feel comfortable with all the features and benefits that it may provide. Inevitably questions will arise that will need to be answered by someone who knows the software inside and out. CGS provides full customer support to our clients both on the telephone as well as email.

Our courteous, knowledgeable Client Services Representatives can help you merge forms, run wizards or any number of other actions you want to perform with the software. They are used to the "How do I…" and "What if…." questions, as well as all the other queries you may have. CGS can also work with you to create any customized forms that your company needs. We can even make suggestions to improve your work practices, and take your requests for new features or modifications to the software.